Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fourth Grade Fun Friday-Spanish Style

As teachers we constantly seek out ways to maximize our students learning experiences. To be able to bring diversity and integrate world cultures into the curriculum is an important educational opportunity for our learners at Caleb’s Creek Elementary School. Such an opportunity was realized when the Spanish program and the Fourth Grade classes converged for the October edition of Fourth Grade Fun Friday.
During the event the students were able to listen to some popular Spanish music and were treated to a variety of typical Mexican sodas and food stuffs. The highlight of the celebration occurred when the Fourth Graders were able to see a Spanish language hands-on demonstration in which Mr. Alonso made Pico de Gallo. Not only were students able to witness the making of this traditional Mexican gastronomic delight, they were able to sample it as well!
Of course this entire experience would have been impossible had not been for the help and support of all the wonderfully dedicated parents of our Fourth Grade students here at CCES.


Mr. Alonso
Spanish Teacher
Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

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