Friday, January 22, 2010

Cream of the CROCS!

Our team of specialists (Art, Computers, Guidance, Media, Music, and P.E.) wanted to do our share to positively impact student behavior and performance here at Caleb's Creek. The result was the birth of the Cream of the CROCS! awards. In choosing our 'CROC' each quarter, we consider:

Outstanding academics

Cream of the CROCS is a positive recognition program created and implemented by all of our specialists. Every quarter, each specialist will choose a student, from each grade level, who excels or shows progress in one of the following areas: character, respect, academics and collaboration. Each student will receive a certificate, have his/her picture taken and placed on the bulletin board across from the cafeteria and his/her name presented on the morning announcements! Eventually, we would like to have the pictures of them holding their certificates to scroll across the TVs in the hallway, too!
First quarter CROCS are now on display on the bulleting board just outside the cafeteria and 2nd quarter students will be recognized soon. Keep your eyes open and be sure to congratulate these students on their hard work!

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